By train

We will show you to access to Kamakura from the Tokyo, Ōmiya, and Kansai areas by train.
In Kamakura, weekend and holiday seasons may become extremely crowded.So we recommend you to use the public transportation.
On our “Access” page, we show you information of access to Kamakura and transportation after your arrival in Kamakura. We also have other information such as coupons and special offers. Please check out this page before your visit.

Free Guided Tour

Access from Tokyo, Ōmiya and Kansai areas

From Tokyo,Omiya Kansai

Kamakura station
JR Kamakura Station

Kamakura station West Exit
JR・Enoden Line
Kamakura Station West Exit

JR Kita-kamakura Station
JR Kita-Kamakura Station

From Tokyo

About 60 min. by the JR Yokosuka Line (About 50 min. from Shinagawa)

JR Yokosuka line
From Ōmiya

About 90 min. by the JR Shōnan Shinjuku Line (About 60 min. from Shinjuku)

JR Shonan shinjuku line
From Shinjuku

About 60 min. to Fujisawa by the Odakyu Line. Transfer to the Enoden Line at Fujisawa Station and 34 Kamakura.

From Kansai area

Take the JR Tokaido Shinkansen to Odawara Station, transfer to the JR Tokaido Line at Odawara Station, then head for Ofuna.
At Ofuna Station, transfer to the JR Yokosuka Line and get off at Kamakura Station. (About 50 min. from Odawara to Kamakura)

Take the JR Tokaido Shinkansen to Shin Yokohama Station, take the JR Yokohama Line at Shin Yokohama then head for Yokohama.
At Yokohama Station, transfer to the JR Yokosuka Line and get off at Kamakura Station. (About 50 min. from Shin Yokohama to Kamakura)


Valuable information of train/bus tickets

Kamakura Enoshima day pass

JR Higashi-Nihon Kamakura・Enoshima Day Pass

For details,please visit JR EAST Website

Odakyu Enoshima・Kamakura Day Pass

Kamakura Enoshima free area

For details,please visit Odakyu Electric Railway web site at,

Kamakura Free Kankyō Tegata B “Yoshitsune”

※Buy with Enoshima・Kamakura Day Pass
For details, please visit here

Kamakura・Enoshima afternoon pass

This is a day pass called “Noriorikun” of the Enoden Line which you may use after 13:00. It comes with Enoshima Samuel・Cocking Botanical Garden and Sea Candle tickets and some other coupons which you can use in Enoshima. Original price is 1,430 yen but the Enoden Line offers you this pass at a discounted price of 1,000 yen.For more details,please visit here

Enoden line
Enoden Line

Kamakura enoshima afternoon pass
Kamakura Enoshima Afternoon Pass