Transportation in Kamakura

We invite you to use various modes of transportation in the Kamakura area to broaden
your experience. There are many options at your disposal including by train (Enoden line, Shonan Monorail), bus (scheduled bus, sightseeing bus), sightseeing taxi, jinrikisha (rickshaw), rental bicycle, and rental bike. As you can see, there are many ways to for you to enjoy your travel during your stay in Kamakura.

Free Guided Tour


The Enoden line

The Enoden line runs from Kamakura to Fujisawa through many sightseeing spots
such as Hase, Gokurakuji and Enoshima. The transit takes 33 mins from beginning to end. The famous view of Shōnan Ocean appears in the window on the train from Inamuragasaki to Koshigoe.


Discount ticket “Noriorikun”

Unlimited ride from Fujisawa to Kamakura section for Enoden line. If you show this pass, you may qualify for other discounts as well..
More details at

Shonan Monorail
Shonan monorail

Shonan Monorail runs from Ofuna to Shonan Enoshima for 14 mins with having the
great view of Ofuna Kannon・Kamakurayama. On sunny days, you can see Mt. Fuji
from the window on the train after passing JR Yokosuka line.

Shonan monorail

Discount ticket “Shonan Monorail day pass”

Unlimited ride from Ofuna to Shonan Enoshima section.
For details,please visit here


City bus

Keihin Kyuko bus(Shonan Keikyu bus Co., Ltd. Kamakura Branch)tel:0467-23-2553
(Refer “路線図” on top page
Enoden bus tel:0466-24-2714
(Refer “路線図”

Discount ticket for bus and train

Kamakura free kankyō tegata A “Yoritomo” (Keihin Kyūkō bus・Enoden bus・Enoshima Dentetsu)
Ticket office for “Yoritomo”: JR Kamakura station Kamakura city information center,
Kitakamakura station ticket reservation office, Enoden Rail line Kamakura station and Hase station.
Further information about free section and service, please visit web site

50 yen child fare campaign for bus (Enoden bus)

This campaign is held annually during Golden week, Spring break, Summer vacation, and Winter vacation. Discount tickets are available to children under 6 years old for 50 yen;cash only. (Tickets at the 30 yen range are available for handicapped children under 6 years old; mid-night bus is double priced).
Please notify the bus driver when you pay for children under 6 years old.
Sightseeing bus・Haneda airport line, Mid-night high speed bus and Unlimited tickets are excluded from this campaign.

For details,please visit here

Sightseeing bus
Sightseeing bus Yoritomo
Sightseeing bus Nagomi

This company has 3 routes and you can reserve spots at the Enoden sightseeing bus
reservation center. Please refer the following web site for more details about each route.
(Note: Routes may have variable or alternate destinations. It is best to check the route to ensure you arrive where you desire.)

Enoden Sightseeing Reservation Center

Sightseeing taxi

Each company has specific route options. You may create your own plan accordingly to
your timeframe and budget.


Rental bicycle, rental bike

Grove (Rental bicycle)

Shop hours:10am-8pm
Regular holiday:Wednesdays,Thursdays(Except for public holidays)
More details here

JR Bus Tech (Rental bicycle)

TEL:0467-24-2319(Kamakura shop)
Shop hours:8:30am-5pm
(5:30pm on holidays from April until August)
Regular holiday:None
(Unavailable from January 1 until 3)

TEL:0467-24-3944(Hase shop)
Shop hours:9am-5pm
(5:30pm on holidays from April until August)
Regular holiday:None
(Unavailable from January 1 until 3)

More details here

Kitakamakura Rental Cycle (Rental bicycle)

Shop hours:8:30~18:00
Regular holiday:Only open Saturday, Sunday and holidays(More details on web site)

More details here