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Kamakura is an ancient city

Kamakura is an ancient city that developed Japanese history and culture on the par with Nara and Kyoto.

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Kamakura is an ancient city

Kamakura, filled with Japanese history and culture, was once a political center of Japan as Kyoto and Nara were in the past.The politics and culture in Nara and Kyoto placed the emperor and the aristocracy in the center of the Japanese political stage, on the other hand, Kamakura placed Samurai in the center. Kamakura is a small city that is only 1 hour away by train from the current capital region of Tokyo and maintains a richness of history and culture.

Kamakura as a geographical location has a special feature of being surrounded to the north, east and west by mountains and to the south by the open water. On sunny days, you can see Mt. Fuji which can be said is a symbol of Japan. Kamakura is famous for its many seasonal flowers whose colours paint the city in a kaleidoscope of natural beauty. You can enjoy the nature of the mountains in our many hiking routes. Also there’s a beach 15 minutes away from Kamakura Station, so you can enjoy marine sports such as combing the beach for shells and surfing.

First city made under samurai government system.

It is said that Kamakura is the first city created under the Samurai government system. A culture and spirit developed under that government are still upheld by contemporary Japanese people. Cultural experiences such as Matcha (Tea ceremony), Shakyō (Sutra copying), Zazen (Zen meditation) are provided by Shrines and Temples and these activities are very popular with sightseers.

There are also many writers of Japanese literature who have lived in Kamakura, so there are many literary works, movies and dramas about Kamakura that you can enjoy while visiting Kamakura. There is a fishing harbor in Kamakura, so seafood is abundant. “Kamakura Vegetables” are famous as food of the mountains in Kamakura and they are so popular that people come from many other cities and towns to buy at the market in the early morning.

Kamakura has many sides of attractions such as history, culture and nature.
Please, come visit and feel it!