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Please request Tourism,Commerce and Industry Division,Kamakura city.
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Please contact NPO Kamakura Guide Association (TEL 0467-24-6523・FAX 0467-24-6523)In addition,NPO Kamakura Guide Association Website

Kamakura Welcome Guides offer free guided tours in following languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Korean.

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You can check information such as hazard map, disaster prevention map and indexed plan on official Kamakura city website.

Ofuna Chuo Hospital (Ofuna) : TEL 0467-45-2111
If you are going to see a doctor, please contact a hospital in advance and visit.

Please contact NTT East Kanagawa Branch during their business hours (9am – 17pm except for Saturday, Sunday, Holidays, New Years) Free phone 0120-552-856

Please check Kamakura city citizen activity division sightseeing commerce section website about public lavatories and shops open lavatories for visitors.

There are activities such as Zen meditation (Zazen), Sutra copying (Shakyō), Buddhist sermon (Hōwa), Lecture performance (Tsuji Kōshaku), Sutra recitation (Dokyō), Special nenbutsu prayer ( Betsuji Nenbutsu-e), Tea party (Ocha), Vegetarian cuisine (Shōjin Ryōri), Traditional incense-smelling ceremony training (Kōdō Okeiko), Traditional handicraft (Kamakura-bori), Flower arrangement (Ikebana).

Please check Tourism,Commerce and Industry Division, Kamakura City website.

There are other activities.
Kamakura Samurai experience Shisouan


The following list is major contact.

  • Kamakura Police Station : TEL 0467-23-0110
  • Kamakura Fire Station : TEL 0467-25-7524
  • JR Kamakura Station, Kitakamakura station : JR East Japan center for inquiry TEL 050-2016-1600 (6am-24pm)
  • Enoden Kamakura Station TEL 0467-22-2101
  • Enoden Hase Station TEL 0467-22-1782
  • Enoden Bus Kamakura Branch TEL 0467-46-5191
  • Shonan Keikyu Bus Kamakura Branch TEL 0467-23-2553