Model course 2 : Visit village of belief and clear stream

Kamakura is a small town but visitors are often confused about the best places to visit.
On Kamakura Info, we suggest 5 courses that will enable people to enjoy the various facets of Kamakura.

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Model Course 2 : Visit village of belief and clear stream


Kanazawa-kaidō runs from Kamakura to Yokohama・Mutsūra along Namerikawa river and there are interesting temples you should visit.

Sugimotodera Temple is the oldest temple in Kamakura and this temple is Number one of the Bandō Sanjūsankasho pilgrimage circuit. A numerous moss-grown Gorintō (five-ringed tower) in the corner of the precincts retain the atmosphere as a secret place. It is said that once upon a time, when the main shrine was destroyed by fire, Jūichimen (Eleven faces) Kannon evacuated to the base of a big cedar tree by itself. The name of temple “Sugimotodera Temple” came from that heartwarming story. (Sugi means cedar and moto means base)

When you visit Hokokuji Temple, have some green tea and take a rest with the view of bamboo garden. You can also have Mactha green tea at the tearoom “Kisenan” of Jomyoji Temple which is in the 5th place of Kamakura Gozan(Five High-ranked Temples in Kamakura). “Kisen-an” was originally made during Tenshō period (1573 – 1591) but it was revived in 1991. They have a beautiful garden of Karesansui Teien(garden). Its view will make a taste of green tea very special.

Sugimotodera Temple
Sugimotodera Temple

Hokokuji Temple
Hokokuji Temple

Jomyoji Temple

If you go forward Kanazawa-kaidō(road), there is Kosokuji Temple. The Jizō with a dimly face enshrined in the corner of the precincts is “Shioname Jizō. Once upon a time,salt sellers from Mutsūra offered the salt to that Jizō every time they came in Kamakura but it was always gone when they came back. The name “Shioname” came from its story that Jizō licked the salt. (Shio means salt and name means lick)
The salt offered to Jizō as yet tells us that people are strong in faith.

Asaina Kiridoshi Pass

If you have confidence in walking, you may go toward Asaina Kiridoshi Pass via Junisho shrine. Asaina Kiridoshi Pass is one of Kamakura’s seven entrances.Tradition has it that Asaina Kiridoshi Pass was cut the way only in a night by a spirited man Asaina Saburo Yoshihide who is the third son of Wada Yoshimori.

On the way, you can see “Kajiwara-tachi-arai-mizu” which is one of the Kamakura five famous water. It is said that it is the place Kajiwara Kagetoki washed his bloody sword. You can also see the waterfall which has a rustic flavor and beauty at the entrance of the pathway to Kiridoshi Pass.