Model course 3:Move around peaceful temples and power spots

Kamakura is a small town but visitors are often confused about the best places to visit.
On Kamakura Info, we suggest 5 courses that will enable people to enjoy the various facets of Kamakura.

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Model Course 3:Move around peaceful temples and power spots


Take a walk toward Kita-Kamakura along rail track from the west exit of Kamakura Station. Jufukuji Temple is in the 3rd place of Kamakura Gozan(Five High-ranked Zen Temples in Kamakura). And it has a beautiful stone pavement with a geometric pattern going straight to approach. Especially on a rainy day,
You can feel the peaceful atmosphere when you walk on a wet stone pavement. In the precincts, there are the graves of Masako and Sanetomo but it is also a temple that Takahama Kyoshi (Haiku poet) and Osaragi Jiro (Novelist) sleep in.

Jokomyoji Temple

Amadera・Eishoji Temple, next to Jufukuji, is the only nuns’ temple in Kamakura. This temple seemly colours the four seasons with cherry blossom, cluster amaryllis and Japanese bush clover as a women’s temple. There is Jokomyoji Temple after crossing the railroad at Sanmon-mae. (Opens only sunny days on Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, Holidays)
It is a quiet residential area with a hedge and stone wall. If you stand in the precincts, you will be covered with more silence. It is one of a great appeal of Kamakura that you can come across a different world just a few minutes away from the train station.

If you across the JR Yokosuka Line, you will reach Kaizoji Temple. This is also a temple which praised the silence none but Kamakura. Honzon Yakushi Nyorai which dedicated a face of Yakushi its inside is also called “Naki Yakushi” (Naki means cry) and there is a legend as the reason for that name. Once upon a time, Kūgai, a founder of the temple, heard a cry at night. He searched the cry where it came from, and he found a head of Yakushi from the ground. Kūgai carved a statue of Yakushi and dedicated that head inside the shrine.

After crossing one of Kamakura Seven Entrances “Kewaizaka”, there is Genjiyama Park. Genjiyama is famous for the cherry blossom viewing in Kamakura. We recommend you to visit in cherry blossom season. Take a walk to go down a slope from there and head for Zeniarai Benzaiten Shrine. If you wash your money with spiritual water “Zeniarai-mizu”, your money will be multiplied and your wallet will get full with money. It is a famous legend of pray and answers. In the precincts, it is always crowded with visitors with the view to have benefits like the legend.

Genjiyama Park
Genjiyama Park

Zeniarai Benten Shrine

Sasukeinari jinjya

After going down a slope from Zeniarai Benzaiten Shrine and walking through a residential area,
you will reach Sasuke Inarijinja Shrine. A tunnel of red Torii has a subtle and profound atmosphere with the location in deep Yato (Yato is one of landforms).
The legend that the divine spirit of shrine took a shape of an old man and appeared in front of Yoritomo and told him to raise an army is agreeable.