Model Course 5 : Take a look and walk its real face of Kamakura as good old city
~From Gokurakuji Temple to Yuigahama~

From the east exit of Kamakura station, take a walk to Wakamiya Oji St. as you progress you will see a Ni-no-Torii on the left side. (Protected by two guardian dogs,) This Torii has a vivid vermilion color and remains as an impressive edifice which is a good starting point of the ”Royal Road Route” to explore the old City Kamakura.

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Model Course 5 : Take a look and walk its real face of Kamakura as good old good city
~From Gokurakuji Temple to Yuigahama~


Near Enoden line Gokurakuji Sta.
Near the Enoden Line
Gokurakuji Sta.

Gokurakuji Temple, Hasekaiwai are still remained a face of good old Kamakura city. The view that the Enoden Line runs in calm town is as it’s always been. Gokurakuji Temple is impressive with the thatched entrance. Hibutsu Seiryouji-shiki Shaka Nyoraizou comes out in public once a year. Cherry blossoms and plum trees go after the temple gate.

The view from
Jojuin Temple

Walk Gokurakuji-zaka where you can see the beautiful green tunnel which is one of the Kamakura’s Seven Entrances to Jojuin Temple. It’s well known as famous sights for hydrangea on par with Meigetsuin Temple but the ocean view from stone steps is also excellent.

Take a left on Hoshinoi street to Hasedera Temple. It is said that the huge Kannonsama made of wood is the oldest one which exists in Japan. After visiting Kannonsama, you can be blown by a fresh breeze from sea at rest area.

After visiting Kannonsama, it always should be Great Buddha as next spot. It’s not too much to say that Great Buddha is a symbol of Kamakura and its circumference of a thumb is large as 85cm. People look at it surprisingly but its face is always calm.

The beautiful Kamakura was loved by many intellectuals. Kamakura Museum of Literature is the place that collected valuable information about writers in Kamakura.Literary materials are of course very interesting but its fashionable Western-style building is also very attractive. It brings an old memory of prosperity when Kamakura was made much of as resort area. There’s another old Western-style building called Hase Children’s Association Hall nearby.

You can take the Enoden Line to Kamakura Station but it’s also good to take a walk on Yuigahama street to Onari street. There are old book store and antique shop where you can see the nostalgic side of Kamakura.